There’s a whole world of buyers out there

Are you getting your fair share?

Your job as a startup or small business owner is to move your buyers/clients/customers (B2B or B2C) from where they are now to where they want to be. Irrespective of whether you enable that move with a product or service, your success depends on how effectively that move is made. The size of your bottom line relates directly to how appealing and in demand your solution is; how much you charge for it; how much of it you sell and how much you make at the pass.

Your secret sauce

You’re here because you’ve got a great solution and you’re brilliant at what you do. But to take your business to the next level you need a drizzle of secret sauce. Maybe you need help to demonstrate to potential buyers just how well you understand their pains? Perhaps you need assistance to find an online voice, style and approach that works as well as the sales process you use in person? Or it may be that you need help to sniff out your buyers from wherever they’re hiding? Either way, I can help.

Making your online dream a reality

The chances are that nearly all, if not all your target buyers are online. You know that, but while the dream is to grow your business using online channels, the reality keeps turning into a bit of a nightmare. That said, you know you can’t afford to ignore the whole online opportunity. In this information-driven age where we have our hand-held devices by our side 24/7, you know you can reach a load more buyers if you get your online messages and strategy right.

Getting that monkey off your back

The problem with online is that you’ve got to get past the noise before you get the attention of the buyers that you’re after.  They’re busy and short of attention so that’s a tough call.  You’re busy too.  Your online comms need to be spot on, but they need to fit into your working week as well.  You know what you need to do to.  You know, more or less, how to do it.  But trying to get it all done on top of the day-job is a monkey on your back that seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.  That’s why you’re here.  So let’s connect so we can start to rid you of that naughty little monkey 😉

Changing your words really can change your world.

Your buyers habits have changed

Have your selling habits?

To attract savvy buyers to your product or service and then convert them, you need to demonstrate that you empathise with their pain, understand their buying journey and can help them make the right buying decision, at the right time for them. This calls for an entirely new and very different way of interacting.

You need an approach that puts your buyer first. You need to give them the information they want, accompany them along their buying journey and help them reach the conclusion that you’re the very best solution to their problem.  In my mind, it looks a bit like this:

Communication school

How to get the sales approach you need

…on your terms

To send out the right message to your potential buyers, as an absolute minimum you need engaging website content and powerful personal and company LinkedIn profiles. You should also more than likely be blogging, engaging on certain social media, considering sending newsletters, writing case studies and engaging in sales campaigns. Every business is different, but these are the sorts of activities you should have on your radar. But none of that’s easy while running a successful business.

There is a solution. I can help you achieve all these things and (hopefully) a whole lot more. I’ll do as much or as little as you need, whenever you need me. When we work together it’s like having your own Marketing Communications Manager on hand but without the cost. Simply pop through the door that applies to you below and find out what we can achieve together.

Having a great message is phenomenal, but it’s the journey to making it that has the biggest impact on your success.

Success Stories

I’ve helped 100s of startup, scale up and small business owners reach out to 1,000s of buyers, generating £1,000,000s of sales. Here’s what some of them have to say:


Cathie Swan, Founder and CEO, Trackedlocal

I operate a successful leaflet drop business in a highly competitive marketplace, but I want more.

Keen to scale up my business, I worked with Suzie on my sales and marketing communication to help me sell more.

Our journey involved really drilling down on my value proposition, better understanding my buyers’ pains and their journeys as well as identifying and defining my buyer personas and creating winning messages for each sector.

Although I’ve always worked in sales, the structure of this approach was really interesting for me. The outcome is that I now have a highly focused view of what I need to say to who in order to stand out and achieve the growth I want. The work we did together means I have a clear communication strategy for the medium term that I can fit into my busy schedule and that will position me for the growth I want.

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Aiver Sport

Outi Kylmala & Lesley Koekenbier, Founders Aiver Sport

We are innovators in the equestrian sector.

While our business is online, we also sell face-to-face and are completely committed to the personal approach. We design, make and sell top quality horse and rider products.

We worked with Suzie because we wanted to focus our online messages to appeal better to our discerning customers and align what we say online with our face-to-face approach.

We have a great story to tell and before working with Suzie, that story wasn’t clear on our website. Suzie got us firmly into the marketing mindset and enabled us to better understand the journey our buyers make before deciding to make a purchase. We defined exactly who our best buyers are and what is important to them. Then we worked to create winning messages for each buyer persona and great product descriptions that appealed to their needs so we had a much better chance of converting.

The outcome is that, when all the changes have been implemented, our online presence will be as strong as our face-to-face approach.

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MMK Water Solutiuons

Mario Kerr, CEO and Founder, MMK Water Solutions

I invented a cost effective and highly efficient legionella prevention solution in 2014.

After a long time trying different ways to get to market, I worked with Suzie to develop a strategy that would work.

Prior to working together, I had imagined a mass sales and marketing approach because (in theory) my product should appeal to everyone. However, by working through my value proposition with Suzie it became clear that a more structured approach was required. While most people are aware of the risk of legionella it transpires most don’t really care.

Suzie encouraged me to concentrate on buyers who already have legionella on their agenda.

Once we’d worked out my shortest route to market, we got into the buyers’ mind-set, identified their pains, determined their buyer journey, created detailed buyer personas for them and I’m now reaching out to them with highly focused messages. This was not what I expected, but I can see it is the very best way to get traction for my invention.

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MMK Water Solutiuons

Flemming Bo Larsen, Founder & CEO - FB Larsen

As an ex-corporate, starting my own maritime consultancy was scary and exciting in equal measure. With a reputation to uphold in my sector, getting my positioning and communication right was paramount.

Suzie came on board when I had only an outline of what I wanted to offer and to whom. She introduced a structure that helped develop my thoughts effectively and efficiently. Right from the start, she provided valuable sparring and guidance. This allowed me to perfect my offering way beyond what I could have achieved alone.

Suzie’s simple, yet focused and direct approach meant we quickly formulated focused value propositions, defined each buyer group and created messages that would truly engage my audiences. In addition, we created a reach out strategy that resulted in me signing my first contract within 48-hours of launch.

Suzie’s words, together with her input into the design of my webpage and the creation of my reach out strategy means I feel proud and in control of what I have put out into the market. Her input was invaluable in helping me define and sharpen every element of my business offering – and she cleverly made me think that all the good ideas were mine!

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MMK Water Solutiuons

Kirsty Thomson, CEO, RDT Importers

When I left the corporate world and took over the family business that my father started in 1980, one of my priorities was to modernise the firm’s sales and marketing approach.  Ever conscious that I didn’t want to cause ruffles between myself and my father or between the firm and our customers, I knew I needed to take things one step at a time.

Suzie came on board and helped me drill down to identify the real value that RDT brings its customers.  When that part of the process was complete, we worked on 3 detailed buyer personas and mapped out their buyer journey.

We have created targeted messages for each group of buyers and I have a real understanding of what makes them tick as well as how I’m going to help them along their buying journey.  The next thing we’ll be working on is my online comms plan.

This work means that I can now target my sales and marketing communication efforts a whole lot more effectively and in a way that really works for me.  This structured approach helps me feel fully in control of my sales and marketing efforts.  And finally, what really surprises me about Suzie is that although she’s in France, the way she communicates makes it feel like she’s just around the corner.

Working with Suzie will be a huge asset to your organisation.   She is professional, dynamic, approachable and challenges you to focus on the customer.  I cannot recommend Suzie highly enough!

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With qualifications in communication and marketing, I’m an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), member of the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) and am also Hubspot Certified.  I’ve worked in sales and marketing all my life and have helped hundreds of startup, scale up and small business owners get & stay close to their buyers.  Although my main focus is sales and marketing communication, I have a broad knowledge of ‘business’ as well as a trusted network that I can call on to provide specific expertise when it’s needed.

My methods are up-to-date and common-sense. There’s no fluff – guaranteed. Creativity, ingenuity, perseverance and tenacity are at the core of everything I do. And when it comes to service, my priority is to make every client feel like they’re my only client 😉

You choose how much or how little you’d like me to do and when you’d like me to do it.  I’m here to make sure your business gets the communication boost it deserves.

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