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Blogging is a great way to position your business and to demonstrate your expertise to a wide audience.  Many business owners worry that they won’t have anything to write about, but of course they have plenty of interesting and valuable things they could blog about. 

Successful blogging takes time, planning and tenacity.  Most startup and business owners are short of time and find the idea of long term blogging overwhelming.  That’s where I come in.  Doing as much or as little as you need me to, I’ll make sure that the people you want to share your expertise with get the chance to hear what you have to say, without putting extra pressure on you.

Who it’s for

I’d argue that blogging adds value to any business – big or small, mature or startup.  Whether you can do it yourself or not will depend on your imagination, writing ability, availability and desire. 

Blogging is for you if you want to get the information that impresses your face-to-face buyers out to a wider audience.

Most of my clients are either founders or successful business owners who know their subject matter inside out and are respected as experts by the people who know, like and trust them. However, most don’t have much spare time on their hands to blog. 

In short, they are people who have good things to say to the people who are are interested in their niche and their blogs let them do that. 

Landing page template
Landing page template, what you get

What you get


A blog style and strategy that fits your business and your budget.


Quality, original articles – written, illustrated and distributed (if you wish) as frequently or infrequently as you want.


An option to integrate a newsletter and/or social media campaign around your blog to extend your reach even further.

How it works

To get your blogging journey started, we’ll chat to establish the precise purpose of your blog, and the sorts of things I could write about for you.  I’ll make sure I fully understand your value proposition and your buyer profiles, so I can target your voice and blog posts to your buyers’ needs.

We’ll agree a plan together and I’ll either write the posts from scratch or you’ll give me some bullet points to make the process faster and cheaper.  Either way, your need to get involved will be minimal and your deadlines will be met.  You can choose the option for me to illustrate the posts with great images or graphics, use them as content for a newsletter or distribute them on the social media.  The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Landing page template, how it works


Prices start from £195 per month

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