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Show your solution in action & in its best light

Case studies are a great way to show your product or solution in action.  When planned correctly, they also give you the perfect opportunity to sneak an extra testimonial or two into your website or proposals 😉

Not only do they bring your solution to life in your buyers’ minds, but they move your buyer closer to imagining him or herself using your product or service too, which helps enormously in your sales process. 

Case studies don’t need to be War and Peace to be effective.  If they’re carefully planned and well presented, they punch well above their weight when it comes to convincing your prospects and achieving your targets.

Who it’s for

Case studies are particularly useful for business owners who have complex, new or innovative products.  They not only bring your product or service to life, but they enable you to educate your potential buyer in an active and completely unpatronising way.

An ideal asset to include on your website or in proposals, a good case study will go a long way to shortening your sales process and getting your buyer on-side.

You don’t need to have a huge number of clients or a big budget to make case studies work for you.  All we need is a bit of imagination, a real-life story and a willing client or two. 

Landing page template
Landing page template, what you get

What you get


A highly effective sales tool that brings your product or service to life in your buyers’ mind.


A way of demonstrating to your buyer how your product or service will improve their life/business.


An appealing and eye-catching asset for your website or your proposals that will help you sell more.

How it works

Prior to putting pen to paper or (more accurately) fingers to keyboard, we’ll discuss how you could best use case studies to improve your sales process – online or off.  At this stage, I’ll get to understand your value proposition and your buyer profiles better and will be able to give you ideas on how to present your product or service to maximum effect.

Once we have an overall plan in place, we’ll get to work on identifying the best subjects, structure and style so you get maximum bang for your buck.

Once all that’s done, I’ll get writing for you and make sure your product or service looks and sounds a million dollars so it will catch the eye of your buyers.

Landing page template, how it works


Initial set up fee starts at £175 and ongoing Case Study prices start from £45

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