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Launch date: Autumn 2017

Do you wish you could engage better with your buyers?  Would you like to know how to communicate with your target audience in a way that leaves them in no doubt that you understand their pains and problems and are the best person to provide an ideal solution.  Yes?  Then my Communication School is for you.

At my Communication School you’ll be able to choose the modules that you need, when you need them.  With low prices and all the tools and support you need to get your communication spot on, this solution will mean you can reach out to your buyers like a pro in no time at all.

Who it’s for

My Communication School is perfect for any startup or small business owner who is serious about being in control of their own communication.  If you’re a founder or a small business owner who neither has the budget nor the desire to pay someone to do your communication for you, this is for you.

The school solutions that will be on offer are the result of a lifetime of work and are ideal for anyone who has a clear picture in their mind about what they want to achieve, but keeps going round in circles.  Presented in bite-sized chunks, you’ll get all the tools and support you need to gain the confidence and control to communicate effectively and efficiently.

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What you get


All the help you need to get into a marketing mindset and conquer your marketing challenges.


An easy way of identifying and describing your buyers so you can sell to them more effectively.


A method that allows you to drill deep on your value proposition.


A way of creating powerful messages to use across all your communication channels.


Guidance to create a reach out plan that’ll have you communicating effortlessly in no time.


Convenient online presentations, cheat sheets and one-to-one support.

How it works

Tools - how it works


Each module starts with a short, informative online presentation that’s pleasing on the eye.  Choose to watch it when you want, on whichever device suits you best.  The presentations are snappy yet sufficiently comprehensive for you to learn what you need to to achieve your objectives.

Cheat sheet

The cheat sheets that accompany the presentations contain everything you need to take you from where you are now to where you need to be.  They’re jargon-free and take you step-by-step through what was previously a communication jungle to the point where you get the results you want.


Each module contains an element of one-to-one consultation and it’s up to you when you use it.  It may be that you decide to use our time together at the start to get your journey off to a great start or at the end to confirm what you’ve learned.  The choice is yours.  You choose when we get together.

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