Attract or retain customers?

Attract or retain?  Which is best?

There are lots of statistics bandied about regarding the amount of effort required to attract a brand new customer versus the effort to retain someone who’s already bought from you.  Irrespective of the precise difference in investment, if you’re wondering whether you should put your efforts into attracting or retaining customers; stop.

You need to stop wondering about this because the simple answer is you need to do both.  In order to secure a buyer in the first instance, you need to demonstrate clearly that you have a great solution to a problem they’re facing; you need to speak their language and take them on a journey that leaves them in no doubt that they need to be part of your tribe.

Unfortunately, that’s only the start.  Once you’ve persuaded them into the fold, you need to provide them with top notch service and accompany them on their journey to becoming more loyal to your brand.  The way you do this is by being out there wherever they are, for example on the social media, in their inbox with consistent messages that show that you understand them and are with them every step of the way.  This is a tough call while running a business, but [sales alert], my Engagement Pack will help you no end.  Go check it out for yourself.