Could you be a big fish in a small pond?

Decide if being a big fish is what you really want

At a time when the World Wide Web lets you be anything you want to be, it has arguably never been easier to be a big fish in a small pond, but is that what you really want?  In the words of the spice girls is it what you really, really want?

More and more people are joining the entrepreneurial community seeking choice, freedom and personal satisfaction.  They’re seeking meaning, rather than fame or riches.  Don’t get me wrong, fame and riches are cool – for those folk that want that.  If that’s what you want, hats off to you and please let me help you on your way  😉

If you don’t want that though, today’s the day to realise that that’s cool too.  You became an entrepreneur to be yourself – so let it happen.  You can become a pretty chunky fish in your own pond by going deeper and adding more value to a tighter niche.  It mightn’t get you fame and riches, but it’ll feel real good.  I know cos that’s what I do 😉  Go do it.