Check you're contactable

Make sure you’re not letting yourself down at the last hurdle

Getting a prospect to the point of wanting to contact you can be a marathon.  Irrespective of whether you prospect with cold calls, pay-per-click ads or face-to-face, if you have someone who’s on the brink of making contact with you, it’s essential that doing so is easy-peasy.

It never ceases to amaze me at how difficult it can be to find contact details on a website.  As an absolute minimum, unless you are operating a landing page with a specific purpose in mind, your website should contain a way of contacting you by email, by post, by landline and by mobile or the likes of Skype or WhatsApp. 

There’s no point in putting tons of effort into warming up leads only to find you’ve let yourself down at the last hurdle.  My advice is – check out how contactable you are right now.