Don't automate your social media

Don’t automate your social media

A load of the clients I deal with know they should be active on the social media, but they’re not.  They’re not because they’re wary, confused and don’t have the time.  They want a share of the social media success stories they hear and they keep meaning to get around to it, but then the reality of running a business takes over.

One thing that worries many people at the start is the frequency with which they’re told they should be posting.  They hear that they should be signing up to Hootsuite, Buffer or the likes, but they’re a million miles away from being ready for that.

If this sounds like you and you’re keen to give social a go, take it at your pace, find a platform you like and get comfy with it.  Don’t even think about automating right now – that’s way down the line.  Get yourself out there when you can and when you want to and take it from there.  Baby steps is the best way forward if you’re wary.