Dare to dream

While setting your sights too high can lead to a fall, not daring to dream is a disaster.  One thing all successful businesses have in common is a clear vision.  Your business vision is your picture of a better place – how the world is made better by what you do.  Often confused with mission, purpose and values, it’s important to be clear on your vision and dare to dream about what you can help make the world become.

If your vision is a bit fuzzy, I’d encourage you to clarify it as soon as you can.  Get it clear in your mind then write it down.  When creating your vision, remember that it’s a place…try using the phrase “A world where…” and you’ll find it easier to create.

Once you have your vision, used properly it’ll act as the driver in all the decisions you make and a real motivator when times are tough.  Don’t underestimate it.