Establish a morning routine

Give mornings the importance they deserve

Your morning sets you up for the day. Yes, we’ve all had bad starts and finished by having great days, but generally speaking, getting off the blocks badly isn’t ideal. 

There’s tons of advice about how best to start your day.  Things like high protein breakfasts, cold showers and bootcamp workouts are de rigueur for some, but for me the key is finding out what works for you and sticking to it.

I make a point of starting each day with lots of tea, a list of essential tasks for the day ahead, a list of ‘nice to do’ tasks and at least 30 minutes of inspirational/purposeful reading.  I find this enables me to start the day calmly and optimistically.  I make a point of making my To Do lists before I close up shop for the day the day before.  That way, I go to bed knowing exactly what’s ahead and can hit the ground running the next day.  What’s your morning routine?