Jot down and doodle

Make sure good ideas don’t slip through the net

How often have you had a great idea while walking the dog, taking a shower or strolling down the pasta aisle in the supermarket?  Tons of times?  Me too.  That’s why I have a collection of notebooks strategically scattered throughout my world. It might be an age thing, but if I don’t write ideas down when I have them, they’re sometimes lost forever.

I have my phone next to me pretty much 24/7 so I could use it to record my ideas.  But there’s something extra about jotting down and doodling.  It gives me more ownership. It creates more connection.  It enables me to quickly and effectively re-live the moment when I had the idea with only a couple of words. If I did the same on my phone, I’d need to write an essay each time to remember. If you don’t do it – give it a try.  A nice notebook and a pen that feels great to write with brightens up most days for me.