Know your buyers

Knowing your buyers is key to successful selling

In order to sell successfully, you need to know your buyers. 

To help you sell more effectively, you should create buyer personas that represent different buyers.  You should outline their age, income, gender, job etc then develop a character around them.  Once you have created a ‘personality’ for each buyer group you need to drill down to pinpoint the problem that you can solve or pain you can soothe for them.  Then it’s a simple case of sussing out where they hang out so you can reach them.  I like to go a step further and get my clients to give their buyer personas names. 

Once you have all this information, you’ll be able to communicate with your buyers with uncanny accuracy.  And when you write anything, you’ll find yourself asking “Would my buyer speak like that?  Would he or she say that?”  At that point, you’ll be engaging in a really powerful way.