Accept that as an entrepreneur you’ve got tons of roles

Being an entrepreneur is tough.  Fact.   When you’re sitting at your corporate desk, you might think it’s all loft style offices, table tennis, bean-bags and hanging out brainstorming.  The reality is – you’ll be making the coffee, balancing the books, promoting, pricing, developing, managing, planning, meeting, perfecting and (hopefully) delivering.  And then you need to have a life.

Some tough love:  if you’re someone who struggles with multi-tasking, now is the time to get your head around it.  There are tons of apps and good old fashioned paper systems that’ll help you feel in control.  I love lists and that’s why I’m hooked on Trello.  You can get it FREE here

Give Trello a go and if it doesn’t work for you make a point of tracking down something that helps you get organised.  Your success relies on it.