Newsletter survey update

Survey results/update

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who responded to my survey last week.  I really appreciate the time you invested to help me create my “reaching out module”.  In this post, I’d like to update you on the findings.  I’m no statistician, so I’ll convey the findings in the simplest form possible…

1.  Roughly one third of you who responded blog, do social and send a newsletter.

2.  The two thirds who don’t, say time, lack of confidence in your writing skills and thinking of topics is what holds you back.

3.  No one expressed difficulty regarding images.

4.  When it came to social frequency, this was the biggest difference in the whole survey.  Of those of you who “do” social, half of you do it daily and the other half when you get the chance.

5.  And when it came to blogging and newsletters, monthly and whenever you get the chance were the two responses.

6.  The main things that were expressed in the free text boxes were lack of strategy, lack of confidence writing and shortage of time.

7.  And finally, half of you who responded want to receive my FREE module when it’s ready.  You’re on my list and you can expect to receive it early/mid September.  In the meantime, I’m happy to chat to anyone who wants to progress before that – no problem whatsoever – simply email me or beep me on Skype or WhatsApp 😉