Set aside time to read

Buffett, Gates, Musk, Winfrey & Zuckerberg..they’re all doing it

I find that reading is low priority for many of my startup and small business clients.  Generally run off their feet, they read when they’ve got the time.  I think that’s a real shame.

Reading isn’t only educational, it’s inspirational, motivational and can make a huge contribution to your success if you read the right stuff.  It needn’t be a chore.  Just like 5-a-day and exercise, making reading a habit could change your whole view on your business and your life.

Sniffing out and signing up for a few quality reads online means you can have your portion of daily reading conveniently served to you on a plate.  And setting aside just 20-30 minutes a day to read could take you down an exciting path that you can’t even imagine right now.  So if you’re not already doing it, why not give it a go?