Share ideas and eat cake

Try to worry less about people stealing your idea

I work with lots of innovators and startups and have signed tons of NDAs in my time. It’s completely understandable and correct. If you’ve invested in an idea, it’s normal that you worry about someone coming along, stealing it from you and making the fortune you’ve dreamt about and deserve.

However, the reality is that the vast majority of people in this world are too lazy or don’t have the wherewithal to nick your ideas.  While they’d love to – and will no doubt wax lyrical about how the could – and if they did – that they’d do to make it a WHOLE LOT better – the chances are they won’t.

I’m not saying that you should disclose your secret sauce on the social media or divulge your details to a competitor, but taking the time to share ideas (& eat cake) with people whose views matter normally reaps huge rewards.