Take good care of yourself

Your business is nothing without you

One of the biggest traps entrepreneurs and small business owners fall into is neglecting themselves.  When you were in the corporate world, you were probably really busy, but still went to the gym, socialised and spent time with your family.

Since you set up on your own, all you ever do is sit at your desk, drink coffee and mindlessly eat half of whatever is put in front of you.  You sleep, but only when you really have to and as for exercise, there simply isn’t time.

If this sounds familiar to you – get real.  In the corporate world, if you fell ill you’d probably have benefitted from a few months on full pay and then a while on reduced pay.  In this world, if you fall ill, unless you’re one of the minority who’s insured, you’re on your own.  So make today the day when you make a pact with yourself to PUT YOU FIRST.