Appreciate the view

Set aside 2-3 minutes to enjoy your journey every day

Successful startup and small business owners are constantly on the go.  At the end of every day, there’s always something left undone that simply must get done tomorrow.  Sometimes it can feel like a real uphill struggle.

If you feel as if you’re constantly swimming against the tide, just taking 2 or 3 minutes every day to reflect on good things could make a huge difference to how you feel and act. 

Gratitude is big news and it’s easy to see why.  Making a point of taking a couple of minutes in your day to be grateful changes your perception and slowly but surely turns you into a real, naturally glass half-full person.  And the great news is that this sort of positive attitude won’t just impact on how you feel inside, it’ll spill over into how you deal with your buyers and your staff – so it’s well worth the effort.