Tell your story

Are you telling your story?

Storytelling is at the core of pretty much every global community.  It’s something that creates close bonds and fond memories.  Yet in business we often forget the power of a simple story.  Maybe we think people won’t be interested?  Maybe it feels arrogant or unnatural?  Either way, if you’re not telling your story you’re missing a trick.

Your story needn’t be flashy, complex nor awe-inspiring. 

Buyers today love a story.  Social media makes us feel as if we know everybody’s story.  Even if that’s not the case, finding the right words and getting your story out will strengthen your position in the market, demonstrate that you align with your buyers values and help you become a bigger fish in your chosen pond.

If you’re still relying on an ‘About us’ page on a website to tell your story, it’s maybe time to drill deeper.