Remember why you are doing all this stuff

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy.  FACT

When you were sitting at your corporate desk dreaming of being self employed, you probably visualised life a whole lot differently to reality.  No matter what you imagined it might look like, it’s almost certain that at least part of it isn’t quite as rosy as you’d thought it would be.

When you start out on your entrepreneurial journey, you’re unlikely to be living life in the fast lane.  The reality is you’ll be burning the midnight oil for not a whole lot of cash and being forced into doing roles yourself that you’re neither great at nor enjoy.  That’s how it is.  Get used to it.

But while you’re doing those roles, remind yourself of the reasons WHY you so wanted to become an entrepreneur.  Freedom, choice, opportunity, challenge win hands down over going back on the corporate bus, don’t they?