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Sales campaign with email

Sell more with targeted, professional sales campaigns

Sales campaigns are a great way to boost your results, but they’re not as easy to get right as some people think. 

Many startup and small business owners send out the odd cold sales email that directs its recipients to their website in the hope of making a sale.  While this might work from time to time, the best results come from cleverly targeted emails that address specific needs and direct recipients to a specially crafted landing or sales page.

If this sounds like an approach that might work for your business, we should chat to explore the possibilities.

Who it’s for

This Sales Pack is ideal for any startup or small business owner who is keen to run a highly targeted campaign where the sales process is considered and the results monitored. 

If you’ve got a great product or service but you’d like to extend its reach, this is for you.

Providing you with a series of emails that are researched and planned to appeal to the needs of the recipient together with a landing page that’s designed to convert, this sort of campaign will take your sales efforts to the next level.

Landing page template
Landing page template, what you get

What you get


A thoroughly researched and planned series of 3 sales emails.


A researched and planned landing page with appropriate Calls to Action.


Input into your online sales process to make it as effective and efficient as possible.

How it works

We chat to get to know each other better and to establish your business style/voice, your offering and the needs of the potential buyers on your list.

Then I send you a Playbook to provide me with the additional information I need.  If I don’t have all the information I need, we’ll have another call.

Then I research, plan and write your email sequence and your landing page and send them to you for your approval.  I will then tweak and amend them until you’re completely happy with them.

Landing page template, how it works


Prices start from £350

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