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Bundles solution

Communication bundles

My Communication Bundles are a great way to tick a whole load of your communication boxes in one go.  There’s an Accelerator Pack, which is ideal if you’re growing your business or repositioning.  You can also choose my Engagement or Sales Packs to help you reach out and sell more effectively and efficiently so you achieve your goals.  Each bundle is fixed price and conveniently packaged so you know exactly what you get.  Click on the packs below to get the lowdown.

Single services

Designed for any small business owner who needs to get a specific job done, my Single Service Solutions let you pass on your communication tasks with confidence.  Engage me to do or re-do your: web content, LinkedIn Profile+, blogging, newsletters and case studies to really bring your business to life and attract and convert your prospects.  Each service is designed to help you get and stay close to your buyers so you sell more. They’re all fixed price, so you know exactly what your the job’ll cost.  Just click on any of the bubbles below to check them out or go directly to any of the service pages from the menu.

Single services solutions
Mix'n'match solutions

Mix ‘n’ Match

Mix ‘n’ Match is where you get me ‘on call’ to do whatever your small business needs, when you need it.  I’ll do as much or as little as you like and will work with you to make sure your communication is pressing all the right buttons for all the right people.  When we work this way, it’s like having your own Marketing Communications Manager on side without the price-tag that goes with that luxury.  I’ll get to know you and your business inside out and will be as proactive as you need or want me to be – or more likely as you’ll let me be – because I’m likely to get as excited about your business as you are 😉

Communication School

Not every small business owner wants someone to do their communication for them.  Some people want to learn how to do it themselves.  And to help you do this, my Communication School will launch in Autumn 2017.  This is a dream that I’ve had on the boil for more than 10 years.  And it’s now so close to reality I can virtually smell it 😉  With this low cost solution, you’ll learn how to take charge of all your own communication needs confidently and competently.  When the school starts, I’ll be pulling back the curtain on everything you need to know to get your small business communication spot on.  Watch this space for the first classes to be announced.

DIY solution
Tools solution


There are certain things that every small business owner needs to achieve success.  A good business model; a strong value proposition; business cards; a sprinkling of motivation; a CRM system; efficiency; great images and powerful technology are just some of those things.  If you’re struggling to find any of them, I’ve worked hard over the years to identify the tools that are worth their weight in gold to me and to my clients.  On the Tools part of my website I’ll share them with you.  Some are free, some are paid, but they all have an important role to play.  Why not check them out for yourself?

Hacks & habits

I’m a great believer in the fact that there’s no one thing that leads to success.  You need a great business, but you also need to look after yourself and work efficiently and effectively too.  However, time’s tight and finding the motivation isn’t always easy.  My ‘Do one thing’ blog is designed to inspire you and shine a light when things are feeling gloomy.  It’s not a ‘How to’ and won’t provide all the answers, but hopefully it’ll boost you if you’re feeling down about your business.  Pop over and take a look.

Do one thing
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