Lockdown’s lifted. That’s for sure.

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It’s exciting getting back to business. But for many business owners, not knowing how things are going to pan out post lockdown is a huge source of stress.

Right now, it’s impossible to know the exact long-term effects lockdown has had on your business.

It’s perfectly normal to be wondering if your business will even survive as things get (kind of) back to normal.

Our chance of feeling confused and frustrated over the coming weeks and months is pretty damned high – no matter how prepared we think we are.

We’re trading in a very different world.

Doing business today is unrecognisable compared to even 6 months ago. Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down. And has caused chaos for many small businesses in the UK.

A recent study by the Office for National Statistics showed that nearly 40% of businesses in the UK had a substantially lower turnover during lockdown than in comparative periods in previous years.

Some managed to pivot towards a solution that may or may not have long term value. Others had to just lock up and leave. And of course, there are those who haven’t survived to tell their tale. It’s a sad and disturbing situation.

Trading in a different world

Now, it’s business as (un)usual.


As things start to get back to (a very different kind of) normal, you’ll almost certainly come up against specific challenges that you’ve planned and prepared for.

But you’ll probably also be faced with obstacles and situations that you could never have imagined in your wildest dreams.

Either way, there has never been a better time to make sure your business is as strong and fit as it can be. That it’s firing on all cylinders.

Flex your business

In our personal lives, many of us are focusing on our core health and fitness to reduce the risk of infection as we come out of lockdown.

Some of us are taking supplements to boost our immune systems as a precautionary, preventative measure.

Most of us are changing our habits to make sure we don’t expose ourselves to unnecessary risk as we go back out into the world.

But what can we do to protect our businesses?


Boost your business immune system.


It goes without saying that our businesses have been through exceptionally tough times over the past few weeks.

Right now, business immune systems need boosting like never before.

No one saw Covid-19 coming. Some businesses managed to ride the storm. Others couldn’t.

If you’re getting back to business, now’s the time to give your business immune system a real boost and make it stronger and better.

Today’s the day to flex your business muscle.

Build a stronger, better business.

Your business is going to need strength and resilience to survive what (almost certainly) lies ahead.

The strength and resilience you build right now will protect your business short term and stand you in great stead for whatever the future holds.

The foundations you construct post-lockdown will be the cornerstones on which your business can survive and thrive as we move on and come out the other end.

Hard Hats

Time to get back to basics.


One of the best ways of making your business stronger and better is to go back to basics. Re-evaluating the foundations of your business with the knowledge, insight and experience you have today is the ideal place to start.

Making your business stronger and better starts with re-examining your WHO?, WHAT?, WHERE? and HOW? as well as taking a critical look at your marketing collateral.

This isn’t all that difficult but it can be a real uphill struggle when you go it alone while running your business. That’s why I’ve created a simple yet effective series of mini-challenges to help you strengthen your business post-lockdown. And the best news is, you can get them for free.

Are you ready to boost your business?

This Free series of mini challenges help you drill down on the 5 pillars of business success. They give you a structure to build a factual yet intuitive picture of your business today.

You’ll take a guided path to evaluate how well you’re doing on your WHO?, WHAT?, WHERE?, HOW? and your communication in general. Completing the challenges will help put you back in the business driving seat.

Over 5 days, you’ll work systematically through a series of mini challenges that help you see your business with different eyes – to see it how your clients and potential clients see it. Working this way will help you to feel more confident, calm and in control during these troubled times.

6 Pillars

Start your journey right now.


Start your Free journey to help build a stronger, better business post-lockdown by clicking any of the text or images on this page.

What makes me think I can help you?

I’m Suzie Larcombe. I’m Scottish and run a successful communications and marketing business in south west France. Over the past 15 years I’ve developed tried-and-tested tools and strategies that have helped make lots of businesses stronger and better.

I have qualifications in Communications and Marketing and am one of very few Hubspot Certified Growth Driven Design Agencies in the world.

I’m also Social Media and Inbound Marketing Certified. I’m an Institute of Leadership and Management Certified Coach and am an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM).

I’ve put together this series of mini challenges – created and filmed in my kitchen – to help boost your business post-lockdown.  This is not a “get rich quick”, pie in the sky journey.  It’s a real, roll up your sleeves and get under the bonnet of your business with experience.  Are you ready?  I am.

Suzie Larcombe