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are you a startup about to invest in your launch website?

Do you get great feedback from your coaching clients because you’re really good at what you do?  Are you certain that you could make a really good living from coaching if only you could get more clients?  Do you feel frustrated because you’re not achieving the results you want simply because you can’t get enough appointments in your diary each week?

Attracting and converting a steady stream of coaching clients is tough

No matter whether you’re new to coaching or your practice is established, securing a steady stream of clients is hard.  Coaching is extremely competitive and there’s loads of coaches trying to attract new clients.  Maybe you’re at the stage where you only need a few more clients each week or perhaps you need a radical shift to survive?  Either way, I can help.

Follow these 7 simple steps to get the clients you need

Getting more coaching clients, like most things in life, is simple when you know how.  Here are 7 simple steps to show you exactly what you need to do:

Start your journey to get more coaching clients with a FREE One-to-One Client Growth Strategy Session

Get my advice for FREE

I’m a huge believer in the notion of what goes around comes around.  That’s why I give a ton of stuff away.  People have been incredibly kind to me over the years and have helped me on my journey. Now I give a little back to help others on their journey. 

So don’t be shy.  If what I’m saying resonates with you, reach out and let me help.  You can book your FREE One-to-One Client Growth Strategy Session directly in my diary by hitting any of the darker blue buttons on this page.  If you’d rather, you can email me – simply hit any of the lighter blue buttons and share what’s on your mind.

Book your FREE One-to-One Client Growth Strategy Session NOW

Prefer me do it for you?  Choose from 3 simple, affordable options


As a coach, you know that little is achieved without a plan.  Most coaches like to know where they’re going before they start their journey, and this is why my Client Acquisition Planning Pack is the perfect solution.  We work together to plan who you need to be speaking to, why and where they are.  It’s a great way to get clarity and focus.



My Coach Positioning Pack is a highly effective end-to-end website planning, development, content writing and social media branding solution. It includes a professionally developed and optimised WordPress web presence, an option of online booking and payment, content and social media branding to position your coaching business perfectly.

Prices from only £595


My Coaching Client Growth Pack contains everything you need to get in front of your target market.  Together we agree a strategy and after that I’ll do as much or as little as you need me to.  Perfect for any coach who is serious about growth, you can choose from strategy only; collaboration or ask me to do it all for you – the choice is yours.

Prices start at £175

Don’t be shy.  Book your FREE One-to-One Client Growth Strategy Session directly in my diary NOW

And the great new is – my coaching clients tell me I’m good at this stuff 🤗

Working with Suzie made the penny drop and I now look at everything in a different light.  I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their online message.  Thanks Suzie for opening my eyes to a world of opportunity!  Mark McKinnon, Director, Dream Big Games

Sharon O’Flaherty Dehmel MBA, Founder and CEO

I took up Suzie’s offer of a FREE Strategy Session and within a short space of time we relaxed into a conversation about my business and what I wanted from my website. She listened to me intently, giving me the space and time to explore what it is I want to achieve.

From the beginning I had the feeling I was talking to a professional who knows her business and mine. I was excited before about creating my own website to support my coaching business.  Now I know I am working with someone who will not just give me the professional web presence I want but also the tools, professional advice and support that will help me develop and grow my business.

Flemming Bo Larsen, Founder & CEO

As an ex-corporate, starting my own maritime consultancy was scary and exciting in equal measure.  With a reputation to uphold in my sector, getting my positioning and communication right was paramount.

Suzie came on board when I had only an outline of what I wanted to offer and to whom.  She introduced a structure that helped develop my thoughts effectively and efficiently.  Right from the start, she provided valuable sparring and guidance.  This allowed me to perfect my offering way beyond what I could have achieved alone.

Suzie’s simple, yet focused and direct approach meant we quickly formulated focused value propositions, defined each buyer group and created messages that would truly engage my audiences.  In addition, we created a reach out strategy that resulted in me signing my first contract within 48-hours of launch.

Suzie’s words, together with her input into the design of my webpage and the creation of my reach out strategy means I feel proud and in control of what I have put out into the market.  Her input was invaluable in helping me define and sharpen every element of my business offering – and she cleverly made me think that all the good ideas were mine!

Stop for a minute and just imagine…

Imagine you had a steady stream of the clients you love working with.  Imagine if you had a method you could use to fill up your diary whenever you need to get more coaching clients.

Imagine feeling in control of what you need to do to grow your coaching business to the level you dream of and feeling secure in the knowledge that your business success is long-term and sustainable.

Imagine no more.  All this starts with a great Client Growth Strategy.

A bit about me

I’ve got qualifications in Communication and Marketing and have a load of Hubspot Certifications to my name.  I’m an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM) and a member of the Public Relations and Communications Agency (PRCA).

I’ve always worked in sales and marketing and am the comms expert in the SMART Accelerator Programme Team.  I’ve helped hundreds of startups, scaleups and small business owners get great results.  I can help you too.

If you fancy picking my brains, just book a FREE Client Growth Strategy Session by hitting any of the darker blue buttons on this page.  It’ll cost you nothing and I guarantee you’ll find it useful.  If not, I’ll pick up the tab for the virtual coffees 😂!

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