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when you’re not in front of your clients it’s online that does the talking

Are your online messages saying the right things to the right people?

When a customer, potential customer or investor hears about you or your business, the first thing they do is check you out online. The web is where people do their due diligence – FACT – you know because you do it yourself 😉. That’s why you need great messages online that say the right things to the right people.  A great online presence is the best way to position your business, truly engage with your potential customers and move them closer to buying.

Getting online right is tough for startups & growing businesses alike

Whether you’re a startup or a business owner determined to scale, getting your online presence right is tough; but essential.  So is achieving an ROI on any online investment you make.  It’s a given that your business needs to be online.  You need a website that looks good, as well as (at least) some sort of active social media presence.  But in truth you know you there’s more to it than that.  You need an online plan so you stay on track and achieve the success you deserve.

Follow these 7 simple steps and you’ll get online right

Getting online right, like most things in life, is simple when you know how.  Here are 7 simple steps to show you exactly what you need to do:

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I’m a huge believer in the notion of what goes around comes around.  That’s why I give a ton of stuff away.  People have been incredibly kind to me over the years and have helped me on my journey. I give a little back to help others on their journey.  So don’t be shy.  If what I’m saying inspires or interests you, reach out and let me help you.  The blue GO! buttons take you straight to my online diary so there’s explanation needed to go to the next step.

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Prefer me do it for you?  Choose from 3 simple, affordable solutions

Get Online Right

This is a pain-free, highly effective end-to-end website development, content writing and social media branding solution. It includes a professionally developed WordPress web presence, content (written by me of course) and social media branding. This pack is ideal for for startups or growing businesses that want to get online spot-on as well as any business owner considering a website update.

Prices from only £595

Reach out

My reach out pack contains everything you need to get in front of your target market effectively.  Together we’ll agree a strategy and after that I’ll do as much or as little as you need me to.  Perfect for any business that is serious about growth, you can choose from strategy only; social media post and image creation, distribution and monitoring, as well as newsletter production and distribution – the choice is yours.

Prices start at £375


If you want to be communicating better or more often this solution is for you.  This part of my service means that you can order web content, social media profiles, articles, lead magnets, sales funnels, infographics, taglines, brochures, case studies, PR pieces and pretty much anything comms based – when you need it.  It’s a bit like having your own Communication Manager on board without the ongoing overhead.

Prices from £50

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And the great new is – my clients tell me I’m pretty good at this stuff 🤗

Working with Suzie made the penny drop and I now look at everything in a different light.  I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their online message.  Thanks Suzie for opening my eyes to a world of opportunity!  Mark McKinnon, Director, Dream Big Games

Suzie’s approach to improving my online message made me take a step back to analyse my overall business.  I think the most difficult aspect for a business is getting the message across to their public/other businesses.  This is where Suzie is a master. Stewart Mathieson BSc, Director, Jewel Homes

The work I did with Suzie made me realise how important an online message is.  It helped me focus on my client pains and the value I bring my clients.  I can now describe those in a snappy and appealing way that I use across all my marketing materials. Cathie Swan, Managing Director, Trackedlocal

Stop for a minute and just imagine…

Imagine you had a powerful on and offline presence that inspired people to check you out.  Imagine if, when they checked you out on your website or on the social media they felt engaged and moved a whole lot closer to choosing you as their preferred option. Imagine if the investment you already make on your online presence started to pay dividends in the shape of a healthy, qualified sales pipeline.  Imagine having all the customers you deserve all the time.

All this starts with a great online strategy.

A bit about me

I’ve got qualifications in Communication and Marketing and am proud to be one of very few Hubspot Certified Growth Driven Design Agencies in the world.  I’m also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), member of the Public Relations and Communications Agency (PRCA), and have a range of other Hubspot Certifications.

I’ve worked in sales and marketing all my days and have helped hundreds of startups, scaleups and small business owners get great results.  I can help you too.

If you fancy picking my brains, just hit any of the yellow buttons OR book a FREE Online Strategy Session by hitting any of the blue buttons.  It’ll cost you nothing and I guarantee you’ll find it useful.  If not, I’ll pick up the tab for the virtual coffees 😂!

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