“I want to grow my business but I keep getting distracted.”

You’re good at what you do. Great in fact. Your business is doing nicely. But you know it can do better. People are buying what you sell. You just need to cast your net wider so more of them buy from you.

You (probably) already have a website and a social media account or two. But you’re disappointed with what they’ve done for you so far. You know you need to look good online. You’re busy, and tempted to throw a few grand at a new website and get ‘serious’ about social media.  Maybe you’ll do some blogging, SEO, paid ads, or tell your “story”.

The problem is, pretty websites don’t grow businesses.  Yes you need a pretty website. Sure, blogging and/or SEO and paid ads could bring your clients closer. So will a great story. And social media will almost certainly play a part. But there’s more to it than that. Growth calls for online savvy and strategy. If that’s not your bag, let READY-STEADY-GROW help. Then you can grow.

“I’ve got a new idea and need to get to market.”

You’ve spotted a gap in a market you know.  You’re going to plug it with your skills or develop a product to do the job.  Maybe you’re planning on giving up a good job.  But the risk is calculated.  You’ve done your research and invested a lot in your idea. 

You’re know you’re going to need to do marketing.  But that’s all new to you.  You’ll definitely need a website and social media.  You’ve probably got an idea how they’ll look.  But have you thought about what they’re going to say?  To who?  How you’ll get to them?  Or how you’re going to get your online voice heard over the noise?  Your solution’s great but do you really know how you’ll get to market so you can be the success you want to be?

READY-STEADY-GROW gets deep inside your client’s head.  It shows you where they hang out and how to speak to them in a way that makes them listen and want to be in your gang. It means people ‘get’ your solution. And when people ‘get it’, you’ve got a much better chance of being the success you deserve to be.

“I want my French business to be a real success.”

You’re loving life in France.  But you want more from your business.  Maybe more income or just more excitement.

Running a business in your home country is tough. Running a business as an expat in France is even tougher.  Dealing with unfamiliar legislation as well as tax and accounting regulation in a foreign language is incredibly challenging.  So is getting enough clients.

If you’ve got a vision for how your business could be, but are struggling to make it happen, READY-STEADY-GROW can help.  And the great news is, as a French-registered business owner, you can more than likely get that help for FREE.

In France there’s a pot of cash to help businesses like yours succeed. Many expats don’t know this.  If you haven’t claimed the support you’re entitled to, now’s the time to take action. Don’t miss out.

“Je veux réussir à l’international”

Prêts à entreprendre le marché international par le bon bout?  

Le marché international en France ainsi qu’à l’étranger peut être extrêmement lucratif pour de nombreuses entreprises françaises. C’est pourquoi tant de chefs d’entreprise dépensent des fortunes pour traduire une par une les pages de leur site Web.

Malheureusement ils sont en général déçus par le resultat. Pourquoi? Parce que les messages de leurs sites sont initialement conçus pour le marché français et sont rarement adaptés au marché international. De ce fait ils manquent leur cible et ont généralement peu ou pas de retour sur les investissements réalisés.

READY-STEADY-GROW, avec en plus la possibilité de prise en charge par les OPCA, peut vous aider à vous affirmer sur le marché international et en même temps contribuer à réduire vos coûts de traduction et de développement Web. 

Découvrir 8 Questions Primordials pour Réussir à L’international


During the READY stage of READY-STEADY-GROW, we drill down on WHO your best clients are; WHERE they hang out; HOW you can get to them; HOW you can delight them and WHAT you need to have/do/say to get them to notice you.

Most business owners jump from getting ready to launch or deciding to grow their business to hiring a web designer.  When they miss out the deep WHO, WHERE, HOW and WHAT part, their expectations of what a website can do for them are usually unrealistic.

Prices to get down and dirty with your WHO, WHERE, HOW and WHAT start at £500.  NOTE: Most people recover this investment at the STEADY stage 😉

The STEADY stage of READY-STEADY-GROW is about setting out your stall for your best clients.  Potential clients do their due diligence. Fact. You know because you do it yourself 😉. When people check you out, they need to pick up what you’re putting down – fast.

You need a good looking, fast-loading website that directly addresses your best client’s problem, as well as at least one fresh and active social media profile.  Your best client needs to recognise their problem in seconds and be left in no doubt that you’re a great solution.

Prices for the design and development of a WordPress website that says all the right things to the right people and a cool social media profile start at £1250.

The GROW part of of READY-STEADY-GROW involves reaching out to your best clients in the right places and saying the right things at the right points in your sales process. 

You might need the likes of Google, social media, blogging, landing pages, presentations, events, print or other stuff, but you need a plan that’s realistic for the time/skills and cash you’ve got.  Without a workable plan, growing your business will get forgotten about when you’re busy and under pressure.

Get help to plan your growth only; to plan and execute the whole thing OR get it All Done For You (ADFY).  Planning prices start at £500 and ADFY at £250 a month.


Nathalie Manas Logo

After working with Suzie on my strategy, my client numbers doubled and the number of sales I make per client increased significantly.  This has substantially boosted my turnover.

Nathalie Manas, Nathalie Manas Assurances

Aiver Sport logo

Suzie helped us create our brand and get our business growing.  Our work together started by identifying our best buyers, what is important to them and how we can best reach out and engage with them. We’ve been building the Aiver Sport brand ever since and it’s going from strength to strength.

Lesley and Outi Koekenbier, Founders, Aiver Sport

Ian Jeffereries

I’ve known and worked with Suzie for over 10 years and she brings a deep understanding to every project she works on. She’s one of the rare people I know with proven expertise in both the French and the English Speaking markets. Her innovative approach delivers real value to her clients.

Ian Jefferies, Business Owner


I run my business from the Gers in South West France, where I’m living my dream. My clients are mainly in the UK and France.

I speak good French and have qualifications in Communication and Marketing. I’m one of very few Hubspot Certified Growth Driven Design Agencies in the world. I’m also Social Media and Inbound Marketing Certified.

I’m an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM) and a member of the Public Relations and Communications Agency (PRCA).

I’ve always worked in sales and marketing and am the Communication Expert on the SMART Accelerator Programme.

If you fancy some help, let’s chat. Reach out by hitting any of the buttons on this page. It’ll cost you nothing and I guarantee you’ll find it useful. If not, I’ll pick up the tab for the virtual coffees 🤣



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