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“I’ve got a new business idea and want a smart route to market.”

Are you determined to get your startup off on the right foot?

You’ve spotted a gap in a market you know.  You’re going to plug it with your skills or develop a product to do the job.  Maybe you’re planning on giving up a good job to become a full-time entrepreneur so you can enjoy all the benefits that brings?  You’ve done your research and invested a lot in your idea already. 

You’re know you’re going to need “marketing”.  But doing marketing yourself is new to you.  It’s a given that you’ll need a website and some social media.  Maybe you’ve got a vision of how you want them to look?  But have you thought about what they’re going to say?  Or exactly who they need to speak to and resonate with?  And what about tracking down the people you expect to buy your solution – have you considered how you’re going to do that?  No?  Don’t worry, most other startup owners haven’t either.

Some facts about startups.


Government incentives and the changing world of work is attracting more and more people to start their own business.


According to the Centre for Entrepreneurs, nearly 660,000 new businesses were started in the UK alone in 2016. 


smallbiztrends claim that only 18% of first time entrepreneurs will succeed. That means 82% of startups will fail.

READY-STEADY-GROW – the missing piece in the startup jigsaw puzzle.

READY-STEADY-GROW is a smart blend of traditional sales and marketing techniques, and digital. It gets your startup out there and saying the right things to the right people at the right time. That way you get noticed. Which means you get more chances to get more clients. Which increases your chances of success. 

It’s simple, easy and cost effective. Take a look and see for yourself. 

Finding out more costs nothing.

If you think READY-STEADY-GROW might be helpful for your startup, reach out. Hit the button and you’ll get direct access to my diary.  At the time you choose, we can hook up on FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype.  Alternatively, I can send you a link to the online conference platform I use.  There’s nothing to download – we just connect at the time you’ve chosen on the device you prefer.

Here’s How it Works

As it’s name suggests, READY-STEADY-GROW is made up of three parts.  Some startups need all 3, others just need one or two.  What you’ll need depends on where you’re at, and where you want to go.


READY gets you in the right mindset to really engage with your best clients.  Most startup owners miss out this essential part.  They jump from being completely immersed in their product/solution 24/7 to hiring a web designer and giving them pretty much free rein.  When they do that, they miss out the deep and essential WHO, WHERE, HOW and WHAT part of the marketing process.  This inevitably means their expectations of what a website can do for them are unrealistic and they end up frustrated and out-of-pocket. 

Prices to get down and dirty with your WHO, WHERE, HOW and WHAT start at £500.  NOTE: Most people recover this investment at the STEADY stage 😉


Any serious business needs a good looking, fast-loading website that addresses your best client’s problem, as well as at least one active social media profile.  You’ll more than likely need some offline promotional tools too.  At the STEADY stage, we create your online essentials – from A to Z – website, content, images and all.  And we plan your offline stuff too so your best clients can see you’re a great solution – fast.

Prices for the design and development of a one page WordPress website to say all the right things to the right people, a cool social media profile and an offline plan start at £1250.


To make sales and grow, you might need the likes of Google, social media, blogging, landing pages, presentations, events, print or other stuff. Either way, you need a step-by-step plan that’s realistic for the time/skills and cash you’ve got. Without a workable plan, getting your startup out there will get forgotten about when you’re busy and under pressure. At the GROW stage, we get all these boxes ticked so you can venture off into your new life as an entrepreneur fully equipped for success.

Get me to plan your growth only and leave you to do it yourself OR ask me plan and execute the whole thing on an ongoing basis in collaboration with you (I call that option “All Done For You” – ADFY). Planning only prices start at £500 and ADFY starts at £250 a month.

Let's have a chat and see if READY-STEADY-GROW is right for your startup.

We can explore your unique situation over a virtual coffee. Even if you decide not to go ahead, I guarantee you’ll get value from our call – if not, I’ll pick up the tab for the coffees 🤣

Don’t take my word for how effective this approach is.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

Suzie’s simple, yet focused and direct approach meant we quickly defined each buyer group, formulated targeted value propositions and created messages to truly engage my audiences. In addition, we developed a reach out strategy that resulted in me signing my first contract within 48-hours of launch.

Flemming Bo Larsen, Founder and CEO of FB Larsen

When I first talked to Suzie I knew I was dealing with a professional. She’s given my startup the professional web presence I want as well as the strategy to help me develop and grow my business. She’s authentic, trustworthy and open. In short, she’s my “go to” place for all my marketing support.

Sharon Dehmel MBA, Founder, The Intercultural Coach

Working with Suzie on my startup turned my view of marketing on its head.  Beforehand I was so product focused that I couldn’t see the bigger picture: what would make customers want what I had? Working with her made the penny drop. Thanks Suzie, for opening my eyes to a world of opportunity.

Mark McKinnon, Founder, Dream Big Games Limited

You don’t have to do this alone.

Why choose me to help you?

First and foremost, I speak your language.  Yes, we’ll make Buyer Profiles together and I’ll push you to your limits on your Value Proposition.  But you’ll truly “get” what you’re doing and why.  Even better, you’ll see the real value of all that stuff.

Secondly, I’ve got a tried-and-tested method (that clients love) that makes this process easy and fast for you. 

I’m passionate about all things business and stay at the forefront of digital change, which means you get cutting edge knowledge and expertise at a great price. 

You’ll love what we do together. You’ll start to see your marketing in a whole different light.  You’ll “get it” and be able to do it effortlessly and on a shoe-string afterwards. 

If you want to know about my qualifications, experience, professional bodies and all that “big pic” stuff, check out my Home Page. 


Let’s Chat

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