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an image showing your best client looking happy, plus a line of text


Short text to show your client you understand them with an appropriate icon.

A deeper demonstration of your understanding, again with a nice icon.

A glimpse of your solution to give them hope and show that things will be okay.

Call to Action

Sharon O’Flaherty Dehmel Consider adding a short testimonial that increases the desire to take up the Call to Action.

Show the greatness of your solution

Explain your solution a little bit.  Remember to put it in the context of the buyer.  And see if you can use an infographic to make it simpler/more accessible/more appealing:

This approach worked for these clients (and a whole lot more). It can work for you too 🤪

Flemming Bo Larsen Flemming Bo Larsen, Founder and CEO of FB Larsen, Denmark

Suzie’s simple, yet focused and direct approach meant we quickly defined each buyer group, formulated targeted value propositions and created messages that would truly engage my audiences.  In addition, we created a reach out strategy that resulted in me signing my first contract within 48-hours of launch.

Ronak Ruparell Ronak Ruparell, CEO, Bridge Invest, London

Suzie is someone who seems to intuitively understand you and your business as well as your clients, which means she doesn’t need you by her side while she’s working to get online right for you. This is great news for busy people like myself and one of the main reasons I regularly recommend her to my connections.

Kirsty Briggs Kirsty Briggs, Founder and MD, Core Management Scotland

I run two successful businesses. With no online presence I knew I was missing out on growth opportunities. I started making a website with a developer over a year ago. It never got finished because other things got in my way. With only minor input from me, Suzie has created a great looking website that sends the right messages to my clients/potential clients and positions my business perfectly; all at a great price.

Call to Action

Daivd GooneryAgain, think about adding another short testimonial that increases the desire to take up the Call to Action.

Showcase your solution

Splitting your solution into bite-sized chunks or into step-by-step options is a really clever way to let your potential client see clearly and quickly how you can make their life/their business easier or better.
Give a bit of information about each of the steps or services, but don’t show your full hand at this point.  Giving too much information at this stage can undo the excitement you’ve built up earlier and turn people off.
When describing your solution remember to speak in benefits and not features.  To turn a feature into a benefit, try adding the words “which means that…” followed by an outline of what the buyer gets when they choose you.

Throw out a final Call to Action

Tell them about you or your business

By the time your visitors reach this part of the page they want to know a bit more about you.

Use this last part of your web presence to prove why you’re the best person or business to provide the solution you’re proposing.  Talk about qualifications/awards/experience, but limit it to the offer you have on the page.

This part of your web content should be short and highly targeted. It is not a CV nor a 25 year history of your business. All it is intended to do is reassure your site visitor that you’re authorised and qualified to do what you’re offering to do for them.

Slip in a final, final Call to Action here if you have the space.

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