Web services

Website Design

We design high performance, mobile friendly, secure websites that are optimised for the search engines. The service we offer is different to most other designers because we work with you from A to Z. We decide what sort of website you need, supply the images and the content. So, all we need you for is a few phone calls here and there. All inclusive prices start from £2,500.

Website grader

Every site we design is put through it’s paces using Hubspot’s Web Grader. We don’t pass the site over to you until we’re happy that it’s doing everything as well as it possibly can at that moment in time. This service is included in our web design price.

Domain Names and Website Hosting

You’re more than welcome to buy your own domain name and hosting or ask us to do it. It’s entirely up to you. You may even want to buy your domain name and ask us to do your hosting. Either way we’ll work exactly how you want us to work. Domain name’s start at £50 a year and Hosting at £75 a year.

Google Analytics

You’d be surprised at how many people spend a fortune on a website and never go to the next step, which is checking to see how many people look at it and where they come from. You’d never do that in a bricks and mortar business, so we think it’s an essential part of your online success. The cost of setting up Google Analytics for you starts at £50.

Website Security

People surf more warily these days than they used to. This is good news and bad. What it means is that it’s important for your site to display the little padlock sign in the address bar that shows it’s safe and secure. You can set up your own Security Certificate or ask us to do it. If you’d like us to do it, the cost is £50 a year.

Website Maintenance

The internet is forever changing and developing. No one can future-proof a website. Your website will be designed with all the bells and whistles that it needs to work and display correctly across all devices today. As the internet changes, it’s important to update your site so it continues to work and display correctly. What’s more, disasters happen online. Sites get bugs (despite security certificates), get infected and fall over. To avoid the cost of a complete re-build, it’s important to make regular updates of your site. You can do this yourself or you can ask us to do it. We provide a monthly Website Maintenance Service that keeps your site updated and backed up. You also get a monthly report delivered to your inbox to show you what’s been done. This costs £20 a month or £200 a year if paid in a lump sum.

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