Does print still have a place in today’s digital world?

In my view, the answer to this question is a big fat YES. Although print alone today is unlikely to tick all your business communication/promotional goals it shouldn’t be forgotten about.  If you’ve ever drooled over a new magazine or literally put your nose in a new book, you’ll get the reasons why.

When I’m working with my clients they’ve often forgotten about the value of print.  Sometimes, when I mention it, they’re surprised that I think print still has a place in today’s digital world.  

So, the answer to this question is a big YES – print still has a place in today’s digital world. While digital media has gained significant prominence, print media continues to offer unique advantages and benefits that make it relevant and valuable. Here are a few reasons why print remains important:

1. Tangibility and Permanence: Print materials, such as books, magazines, brochures, and newspapers, offer a physical presence that digital media lacks. People often appreciate the tactile experience of holding, sniffing (yes – people do that) and interacting with printed materials. Additionally, print has a sense of permanence, as physical copies can be stored, displayed, or archived for future reference.

2. Credibility and Trust: In certain contexts, print media is still associated with credibility and trustworthiness. People often perceive printed materials, such as well-established newspapers or industry publications, as more reliable sources of information compared to online content, which can be easily manipulated or influenced – and this runs over into things like brochures, booklets, postcards and other branded material.

3. Targeted Marketing: Print materials can be strategically distributed to reach specific target audiences. For instance, direct mail campaigns allow businesses to send personalised physical mail to individuals or households, making it a targeted and effective marketing tool.

4. Engagement and Attention: Print media offers a focused reading experience without the distractions that digital media often brings. Readers tend to be more engaged when reading printed materials, as they are less likely to be interrupted by notifications or multi-tasking.

5. Accessibility and Reach: Not everyone has access to the internet or digital devices. Print media ensures that information is accessible to individuals who may have limited or no digital connectivity, making it an inclusive medium.

6. Branding and Design: Print materials provide opportunities for creative design and branding. The tactile nature of print allows for unique paper textures, special finishes, and visual effects that can enhance the overall aesthetic and impact of printed materials.

7. Nostalgia and Collectibility: Print media holds nostalgic value for many people. Collecting books, magazines, or other printed materials has become a hobby for enthusiasts who appreciate the physical artifacts and the stories they represent.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of print media can vary depending on the target audience, industry, and specific goals. In many cases, a combination of print and digital media can create a more comprehensive and impactful communication strategy, leveraging the strengths of each medium.

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