I don’t know how to post on LinkedIn

Posting for the first time on LinkedIn can be a scary process, but if you get yourself into the right mindset then set aside a quiet and calm 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll have it done before you know where you are.  Follow the steps below and get your LinkedIn journey under way.  You won’t regret it.

Posting on LinkedIn is a great way to share your professional insights, connect with others, and build your personal brand but if you’ve never done it it can be scary. Lots of people I meet haven’t posted because they don’t know exactly how to and are worried about trying. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create and publish a post on LinkedIn:

1. Sign in to your LinkedIn account: Visit the LinkedIn website or open the LinkedIn mobile app and log in using your sign in details.

2. Click on the “Start a post” box: On your LinkedIn homepage, you’ll see a box with the prompt “Start a post.” Click on it to begin creating your post.

3. Craft your post:

a. Write a compelling first sentence: Use a concise and attention-grabbing opening that will attract your target audience.
b. Write your post text which might be sharing your insights, thoughts, or ideas. Make sure it’s clear, concise, and engaging. You can include paragraphs, bullet points, or lists to structure your content.
c. Add relevant media: To enhance your post, you can include images, videos, documents, or slides by clicking on the media icons in the post box. Visual content can make your post more eye-catching and memorable.

4. Tag relevant individuals or companies: If there are specific individuals or companies mentioned in your post, you can tag them by typing “@” followed by their name. LinkedIn will suggest matching profiles for you to select.

5. Add relevant hashtags:  Including relevant hashtags in your post can increase its visibility and reach. Use industry-specific hashtags or popular ones related to your topic. LinkedIn will suggest relevant hashtags as you type.

6. Review and edit your post: Before publishing, take a moment to review your post for any spelling or grammatical errors. Ensure that your message is clear and well-presented.

7. Choose your audience: LinkedIn allows you to select your audience for each post. You can choose to share it with your entire network, specific connections, or a custom selection of individuals. Consider who would find your post most relevant and adjust the audience accordingly.

8. Publish your post: When you’re satisfied with your post, click on the “Post” button to publish it. Your post will then appear in the LinkedIn feed of your selected audience.

9. Engage with comments and reactions: Once your post is published, be sure to monitor and respond to comments, likes, and other reactions. Engaging with your audience demonstrates your willingness to connect and build relationships.

10. Analyse post performance: LinkedIn provides insights into the performance of your posts. You can track impressions, views, engagement, and other metrics to assess the impact of your content. Use this data to refine your future posts and improve your reach.

Remember, the more you post and engage with others’ content, the more visibility and connections you can gain on LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find your unique voice and style. With practice, you’ll become more comfortable and proficient at posting on LinkedIn.

It really couldn’t be simpler, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you’ve never done it.  Make sure you’re calm and focused when you give it a try and when you’re done, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

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