Help – my CEO’s asking me to post on LinkedIn – what should I do?

 Lots of companies are looking to leverage the power of LinkedIn and who better to help them do that than the people who work there.  Yes, that’s you.  If you’re facing a situation where your CEO is encouraging you to post on LinkedIn but you’re not sure, read on.  You’re not alone, and of course the decision is yours – but it’s worth remembering that posting on LinkedIn could do a whole lot to help you as well as the company. 

It’s completely understandable that you might have reservations about posting on LinkedIn, especially if you haven’t posted before or are uncertain about sharing your work life publicly. Here are a few things that might help you make an informed decision:

1. Privacy Concerns: If you’re worried about sharing personal or sensitive information about your work, rest assured that you can choose to focus on broader topics related to your industry, skills, or professional growth. Sharing insights without revealing personal information can still help you contribute to discussions without compromising confidentiality or feeling exposed or awkward.

2. Personal branding opportunity: Sharing your experiences on LinkedIn can enhance your personal brand and showcase your expertise to a broader audience. This could be beneficial if you’re looking to network, build connections, or position yourself as a thought leader in your field, irrespective of what you are being asked to do by your CEO.

3. Company culture: Sharing positive aspects of your work experiences is a great way to showcase your company and show that you’re proud of your contributions. 

4. Authenticity: In order to have a sustainable journey on LinkedIn it’s really important to be authentic.  If you’re not comfortable sharing certain details – don’t.  Your authenticity is paramount. You don’t have to share everything. Choose what you’re comfortable discussing and focus on the aspects that align with your personal and professional goals.

5. Balance work and personal stuff: LinkedIn is a professional platform, but it’s still a form of social media where it’s great if your personality can shine through. If you’re unsure about posting anything personal, you can create a balance by posting about work-related topics without divulging too much personal information.

6. Adopt a gradual approach: The best way to conquer anything new is to start small. Share an industry-related article, a professional achievement, or a general insight. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually share more detailed experiences if you choose to.

Remember, the decision to post on LinkedIn is ultimately yours. It’s important to weigh the potential benefits against your concerns. If you decide not to post, you can always find other ways to contribute to your company’s online presence, such as engaging with your company’s official posts or participating in internal initiatives that don’t require public sharing. 

How do you feel now?  Could you give it a go?

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