What is LinkedIn premium?

LinkedIn premium is a paid service that gives you some bells and whistles you don’t have in their free version.  The main advantages of LinkedIn premium are its enhanced search and message functions.  It’s also a useful tool for anyone who wants to be able to see everyone who’s viewed their profile.  That said, for LinkedIn newbies and even accomplished LinkedIn-ers it’s usually not necessary.

LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based membership plan that provides enhanced features and tools beyond the basic free account. It’s designed to offer additional benefits and functionalities to users who are looking to leverage the platform for professional networking, sales prospecting, and personal branding. It’s available in different tiers, each offering its own set of features and pricing.

Here are some key features and benefits of LinkedIn Premium:

1. InMail messages: Premium members receive a certain number of InMail messages per month, allowing them to directly message and connect with LinkedIn members outside of their immediate network, which can be useful for reaching out to potential clients.

2. Enhanced search filters: Premium members gain access to advanced search filters that allow for more refined and specific searches. This can be particularly helpful for finding targeted leads.

3. Profile views and insights: Premium members can see more information about who’s viewed their LinkedIn profile, including the ability to see anonymous viewers. This can provide valuable insights and help in identifying potential business or networking opportunities.

4. Learning and professional development: Premium members often have access to LinkedIn Learning courses, which can support continuous learning and personal development.

It’s important to note that LinkedIn frequently updates its features and offerings, so the specific features and benefits of LinkedIn Premium may vary over time. To get the most up-to-date information on LinkedIn Premium and its available tiers, visit the LinkedIn website or refer to their official resources.

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