Why does (even the notion of) posting on LinkedIn feel so awkward?

First and foremost, feeling awkward posting on, or even just thinking about posting on LinkedIn is way more common than you might imagine. In my experience, overcoming the fear of posting on LinkedIn usually involves a gradual process of building confidence and challenging your self-limiting beliefs. My overriding advice is to start with small steps and get support if you need it.

Feeling frightened or hesitant to post on LinkedIn can stem from various reasons, and it’s important to explore your individual circumstances and emotions. However, here are some common factors that may contribute to this fear:

1. Fear of judgment: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where individuals showcase their expertise and accomplishments. The fear of being judged or criticised by colleagues, industry peers, or potential clients can make you hesitant to share your thoughts or experiences.

2. Imposter syndrome: Many professionals experience imposter syndrome, which is a persistent belief of being inadequate or a fraud despite evidence of competence. You might fear that your contributions on LinkedIn won’t be seen as valuable or that others will perceive you as undeserving of the image you project.

3. Fear of rejection: LinkedIn provides a public platform where your posts and ideas are open to scrutiny and engagement. The fear of receiving little to no engagement or negative feedback can be intimidating and discourage you from sharing your content.

4. Concerns about personal and professional image: LinkedIn is often associated with your professional reputation, and what you post can impact how others perceive you. Worries about damaging your personal or professional image, making mistakes, or saying something that could be misunderstood may contribute to the fear of posting.

5. Comparison and self-doubt: Seeing others’ successful posts or achievements on LinkedIn can trigger feelings of self-doubt and comparison. You might worry that your content won’t measure up to others posts, leading to hesitancy in sharing your own thoughts and ideas.

6. Privacy and security concerns: Sharing information about yourself and your professional life on a public platform can raise concerns about privacy and potential risks. Fear of sharing too much personal information or being exposed to unwanted attention can create hesitation about posting on LinkedIn.

It’s important to remember that these fears are common and many professionals experience them to some extent. Overcoming the fear of posting on LinkedIn often involves a gradual process of building confidence and challenging your self-limiting beliefs. Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Start with small steps: Begin by sharing simple updates, industry news, or articles of interest. Gradually increase the frequency and depth of your posts as you become more comfortable.

2. Focus on providing value: Shift your focus from seeking validation to offering value to your network. Share insights, expertise, or useful content that can benefit others in your industry or profession.

3. Embrace authenticity: Be true to yourself and share your unique perspective. Authenticity can resonate with others and attract meaningful connections and engagement.

4. Engage with others’ content: Interacting with other professionals’ posts can help you build relationships, gain confidence, and understand what resonates with your network. Engage in conversations and offer thoughtful comments.

5. Seek support and feedback: Reach out to trusted colleagues, mentors, or friends who can provide guidance and support. They can offer feedback on your content, help alleviate your concerns, and encourage you to take the necessary steps.

6. Remind yourself of your accomplishments: Recognize your expertise, achievements, and the value you bring to the table. Remind yourself that your unique perspective and experiences are worth sharing.

Remember, building your presence on LinkedIn is a gradual process, and it’s okay to start small. With time, practice, and self-compassion, you can overcome your fears and unlock the professional benefits that LinkedIn has to offer.

What could you do today to get on a LinkedIn posting journey that lasts?

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